• We have designed for Volvo / Renault Trucks, 20 Heavy duty diesel engine production validation test cells. Each cell is mainly made of a diesel gasoline conditioning circuit, inlet air conditioning, intercooler simulation using an air / water exchanger, exhaust air backpressure regulation, coolant circuit, torque dynamometer, engine / vehicle electronic control module, and full automated software control.

  • We have designed the same kind of equipment for Renault's aftermarket engine recycling facility.

  • We have designed the same kind of equipment for Caterpillar Belgium .

  • We are delivering the same kind of equipment to DFM China.

  • We are currently designing an endurance test machine for automotive gasoline pipes, which will run 50 days endurance runs with several dozen variants of fluids, put in all sorts of regulated stress conditions temperature (-40 / + 340°F), pressure (0 to 220 psi), flow (0 to 21 gal (80/L) per minute). In line with this setup, we have gathered a lot of experience with handling dangerous explosive fluids within a test installation, while maintaining complete conformance to safety regulations.

  • We have designed a multi station test, to validate automotive vacuum pumps; with a high overall tick rate (approx 6 s per pump) using 5 test stations integrated into an automated production assembly line including a robotic load/unload of product.
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