• Lead the market of flexible test benches

  • Quality

  • We focus on test bench availability for people who count on that : 24/7 production environment

  • We are committed to complying with our mother company's ISO-9001 certified QA system

  • We try hard to maintain our own culture made of service and good engineering practices

  • Profit

  • Although not being the next Starbuck's, through very strong project control, we never loose money
  • Worldwide

  • Our customers are global, so we are (by necessity, and by strategy)

  • We deliver worldwide : from China to America through all western Europe countries

  • History / track record

  • Europe-based InTest was born in January 2000, off the test engineering team launched by Steria in the early 80's.. Our business is one of Steria Group's cross-market offers.

  • InTest forked sister company InBench in the USA to replicate the successful business model for north and south American customers
  • USA - InBench Corp.
    C/O MX Data
    118 East 28th Street, Suite 608, New York, NY 10016
    Tel:+1 800-916-9333
    Europe - InTest SA.
    4 Allee du Levant 69890 LA TOUR DE SALVAGNY France
    Tel:+33 (0) 472 523 540
    Fax:+33 (0) 472 523 555