• We have designed or overhauled more than 25 production test benches for, one of the world leaders in mobile hydraulic components (hydraulic pumps, motors, control valves etc), in the USA & in various countries throughout Europe .

  • We have designed a completely automated test system for tractor 'CVT' hydrostatic transmissions. Including, thermal engine simulation, hydraulic loads & measurements with a set of general purpose flow/pressure regulation/measurement lines, & a hydraulic crossbar which allows for using those lines to step through more than 70 test phases for the product under test.

  • We are currently producing a new 100% production test installation for in-pipeline centrifuge petroleum motor-pumps, 35 to 350 kW, up to 2900 psi. Main principles are conformant to API test procedures: pump draws from a tank that is temperature, and pressure controlled. Then it pushes through a (set of) backpressure regulation proportional valves, with closed loop pressure, or flow regulation, then back to tank. We measure electric power, calculate hydraulic power (pressure x flow), calculate efficiency, interpolate viscosity, and measure 3 axis vibrations etc…

  • We have designed a multi station test system, to validate domestic heating fuel pumps; with a high overall tick rate (approx 6 s per pump) using 6 test stations integrated into an automated production assembly line including a robotic load/unload of product.

  • We are currently finishing a test machine to validate aircraft engine kerosene pumps after periodic maintenance inspection (yet another installation handling dangerous fluids in dangerous conditions)

  • R&D

  • We have designed machines which help validating the lubricant capabilities of automotive oils put in various test conditions, using automotive gearbox gears & running endurance cycles, measuring things like residual torque, friction, etc. Test conditions usually deal with temperature. Measurements include continuous particle sampling, temperature, pressure, torque, etc.

  • We are currently designing an endurance test machine for automotive gasoline pipes, which will run 50 days endurance runs with several dozen variants of fluids, put in all sorts of regulated stress conditions temperature (-40 / + 340°F), pressure (0 to 220 psi), flow (0 to 21 gal (80/L) per minute). In line with this setup, we have gathered a lot of experience with handling dangerous explosive fluids within a test installation, while maintaining complete conformance to safety regulations.

  • We have designed a complete R&D lab for a large multi-national company's domestic/industrial water flowmeter division. This lab is mostly made up of several pH- and temperature controlled water tanks, with normalized particle mixes, and approx. 40 endurance test loops, each made up of a centrifuge pump, an electromagnetic flowmeter, a pressure transducer, and a proportional load valve, which operates either in flow, or pressure regulation mode. Additional logic valves enable high dynamic pressure stroke test steps.

  • We have designed a complete R&D industrial multistage hydraulic pallet pump / motor test lab, for one of the key players in the hydraulics industry, with all the expected : oil tanks, speed-controlled electric motors, pumps, back pressure valves, pressure & flow meters, acoustic noise measurements, etc…

  • We have designed, for a China based automotive company, a similar system, also for industrial multistage pumps, with added 0/+250°F temperature controls

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