• We have designed a range of electric test machines for off road vehicle cabins. Those cabins are checked for wiring errors before being assembled with the chassis (also checked separately) to save debugging while it is still easy to find & fix. The test machines also ensure Electronic Control Modules testing, flashing and parameterization. Our customers for such machines are Caterpillar, Siac, Tim, Agco, Renault Trucks, Iveco / Irisbus, …

  • We have designed, a set of end of line telephone test machines. The phones are customized against the destination country's phone line conditions (voltages, currents, impedances, bandwidth etc). Thus, the test machines include flexible electronic interfaces which enable simulating virtually all European phone line conditions. The test itself comprises checking the LCD displays of handset & base (using cameras), checking all phone keys (pneumatic micro actuators), checking the electric -> acoustic transfer function (arbitrary shaped noise generators & reference microphones), and checking the acoustic -> electric transfer function (arb. Sig. generation and reference loudspeakers), all against normalized reference shapes.

  • We have designed, a production test bench for high power Solid State Contactors / SCR Power Controllers. The bench includes independent variable voltage generation (up to 690VAC), current generation (up to 100 A), camera checking of the module's displays, automatic electric connection to the product, dielectric strength & isolation resistance measurements, ground continuity checking, and fault detection checking.

  • We have designed, a production test bench for multi-cell high voltage mechanical switches. The bench includes mechanical actuators for the switch cell levers, with torque & angle measurement, and a robotized electric measurement head connecting a milliohm meter device to pairs of plugs on the product, for full checking of the switching characteristics.


  • We have designed a new electric / thermal lab. Each of the test machines includes variable voltage AC supply, 50 thermal sensors, current / voltage / power / phase / harmonic spectrum measurement devices, light flow measurement

  • We have designed, an endurance and characterization measurement machine for low voltage high current switches, made of a thermal cabinet, and a set of large DC power supplies & loads, with fast multi-channel data acquisition, and PWM generators

  • We have designed, a set of quality insurance control machines for engine starters, made of a brushless high power electric motor (both used as a torque load and source) simulating thermal engine compression cycles. The starter itself is instrumented with 24 channels of voltage & current high speed data acquisition (10 kHz)
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