• We have designed for large Swedish Auto and Heavy Duty Truck maker, a braking pneumatic circuit characterization system, which allows the customer to fully validate the circuit against normative tests, without needing a vehicle platform. The test system is mainly made with a high dynamic pneumatic jack, actuating the brake pedal in either force or displacement modes, and a set of pressure sensors distributed at each stage of the brake circuit, measuring the progress of the pressure wave through the circuit. The automation software then checks the acquired data against reference normative curves.

  • We have designed, a high voltage electric switching cells leak test. After electric & functional testing, the cells are filled with neutral gas (SF6) and sealed. Then, each cell is stored in a closed chamber, filled with depressurized nitrogen, for a few days. A highly sensitive sensor enables detection of very small leaks of SF6. This allows the customer to guarantee its product's durability for 20 to 30 years.

  • We have designed a multi station test, to validate automotive vacuum pumps; with a high overall tick rate (approx 6 s per pump) using 5 test stations integrated into an automated production assembly line including a robotic load/unload of product.
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