• We have overhauled a test system for a French Airline Company, that checks aircraft engine fuel pumps and valves, as per the Acceptance Test Procedure chapter of their overhaul manual (Component Maintenance Manual, or 'CMM'). This machine utilizes flammable fluid (and as such, is subject to compliance to European EXplosive ATmosphere Regulation), and is fully PC controlled for all phases of the test process, including main motor control, various pressure & flow regulations, & all performance measurements on the product under test.

  • We have designed a test machine for a leading Swedish global supplier of aircraft throttle bodies, which checks Dassault Falcon & Dornier 719 Throttle Control Units, as per the many dozen steps of the product's Acceptance Test Procedure. This involves dual electrically separated interfaces, with ARINC bus, discrete & analogue I/O, RVDT conditioning & measurements, custom signal conditioning and power supplies.

  • We are currently finishing a test machine to validate aircraft engine kerosene pumps after periodic maintenance inspection (yet another installation handling dangerous fluids in dangerous conditions)

  • We have designed, a missile path generator electronic control module test machine (confidential).

  • We have designed a missile differential GPS electronic control module test machine (confidential).
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